Yellow Helmet Fundraising Initiative

Hello Alumni, As part of the continued improvement of the West Van Football Program I am reaching out to you with two initiatives. Over the past 3 years we have been able to completely upgrade the helmets for the program with 60 new helmets. In addition, the replacement of the shoulder pads is underway. Safety of the players is the coaching staffs #1 priority. With that in mind we are trying to find ways to generate funds for the continued improvement of the safety equipment at West Van Football.

We have launch the Yellow Helmet Initiative in response to alumni requesting the purchase of old jersey’s and helmets. The program has approximately 50 yellow helmets available for alumni who are interested in contributing to the program to help improve equipment. We are asking for a minimum $50 donation to the program and you will receive a helmet like the one in the photo. Because the helmets still have value no tax receipts can be issued.

photo-1Please email me at if you are interested. We can coordinate a time to meet at the school if you would like to purchase one.

In addition, I have attached a community support package if you, your company, or someone you know would be interested in supporting high school football at West Van. Stay tuned for more information in the future. As we replace the uniforms at the school we will be making some available that we will be personalizing with names on the back.

West Van Football Community Support Package

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