Coaching Staff

2015 Personnel

Shawn Anderson – Program Coordinator    

Coach Anderson is entering his 6th year coaching at West Van and his 5th as the Program Coordinator.  A graduate from Handsworth Secondary School, Coach Anderson started his coaching career at Handsworth with Coach Prepchuk before beginning his teaching career at West Van.  Coach Anderson graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Human Kinetics.  While at UBC, he was a 5 year player for the Varsity Baseball Team.  Coach Anderson is a Business Education Teacher, teaching Marketing and Economics.

Jo-Anne McKee – Director of Football Operations

Jo-Anne joined the West Van Football Program in the 2011 Season.  She began with helping the Varsity program with stats and has continued her support of the Football Program into the off-season taking on various task to support the Coaching Staff.  Jo-Anne teacher Business Education at the school.

Varsity Coaching Staff

Pooya Dourandish – Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator

Coach Dourandish is entering his 7th year as a coach with West Van Football, this year will be his first as the full time Senior Varsity Head Coach. He looks forward to the fresh start and is excited to build on his existing 1-0 record as a Head Coach at West Van.  Coach Dourandish also played football at West Van; Graduating in 2008 he realized that a future of playing sports wasn’t in the cards due to his un-athleticism and overall lack of skills. He is now pursuing an education in Kinesiology in order to become an Athletic Therapist.  Coach Dourandish is a simple man, he doesn’t have hobbies, he has passions.  His passions include, Coaching Football, Watching game film, Keeping himself fit (incase his number is called just one more time), Preparing for Deer Season, Being a marksman with a Bow and Arrow, and Listening to good country music.

Nic Shuster – Co-Offensive Coordinator

Mitch Shuster – Co-Offensive Coordinator

Andrew Cho – Offensive and Defensive Line Coach

Jo-Anne McKee – Varsity Medical Rep

Angela Burns – Varsity Medical Rep

Ellie MacKay – Varsity Medical Rep

Garry Anderson – Game Film Coordinator

Stefan Huskilson – Varsity Statistics

Junior Varsity Coach Staff

Sean Holler – Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator

Entering into his second season as a Junior Head Coach, Sean Holler hopes to change the way people think about, and expect Junior football to preform. He is passionate about creating a program that has numbers, 22 starters, and numerous multi- sport athletes.  Coach Holler played football for West Van, winning most inspirational football player, and also earning a triple sport pin for running track and playing rugby.  He is currently a competitive Marathon/ Ultra-Marathon runner and training for his first Ironman.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King.

Shawn Anderson – Offensive Coordinator

Ken Snider – Offensive and Defensive Line Coach

Alex Kozak – Assistant Coach

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